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  • Al Hashemi: charity and giving always relate to father Sheikh Zayed, symbol of humanity and source of pride
    Wednesday, June 14, 2017 - 10:13

    HE Mahmood Khalil Al Hashemi, the Director General of Ajman Free Zone, said: "This day is a day of remembrance for the inspiring father Sheikh Zayed, may God have mercy on him. Whenever charity and giving is mentioned, it is associated with his name to consolidate the UAE values of giving, tolerance, peace, openness to the world and coexistence with others with love, cooperation and tenderness. For over 35 years, Zayed has been a champion of giving and an example of wisdom in a troubled and uneasy world calling for mediocrity in a world of political blocs.

    He added: at inside level, Zayed hand extended to all the UAE. The wheel of development and the provision of education, health, housing, planning and more have been circulated. This has provided new hope for a brighter future. At outside level, Zayed extended his hand with assistance to all needy and oppressed. Giving became an industry in which Zayed until the UAE became universally respected. Zayed's hand extended to most parts of the world including all the continents of the world. Africa was especially privileged in the heart of Zayed. The drought and poverty that hit its regions left behind it millions of hungry and bitter people raised concerns of Zayed and urged him to do more to help the peoples of the continent.

    The wisdom of the Father Zayed that the UAE, since the establishment of its relief programs to help the less fortunate people, did not link those humanitarian aids and any political or ideological interests or requirements, but purely humanitarian for the benefit of the human being whatever his color, religion or belief. Thus, Zayed attained respect of humanity at home and abroad.

    "Sheikh Zayed has cultivated good relations with most countries in the world and considered this an investment for the future that benefits the state and the entire humanitarian community," said Al Hashimi.

    Indeed, Zayed's policy has generated great international respect for the UAE and Sheikh Zayed has been recognized as an inspiring global leader.