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  • E-commerce licenses rose by 35% in Ajman Free Zone
    Thursday, March 16, 2017 - 08:39

    The Ajman Free Zone announced a rise in the number of e-commerce licenses issued by it to a large variety of regional and global digital companies by 35% over the past year.

    This remarkable jump in the demand for this type of licenses attributed to facilities offered by the Free Zone for companies operating under its umbrella, both in terms of ease of registration of new companies through its private electronic services platform, or the practice of various types of business transactions electronically worldwide.

    Commenting on this achievement, HE Mahmood Khalil Al Hashemi, the AFZ Director General, said: "There is no doubt that the superiority of the communications infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates and easy access to Free Zone services with a single click has played a pivotal role in attracting digital companies to work in Free Zone, making e-commerce licenses the fastest-growing categories of licenses in the Free Zone last year.”

    He added "We followed closely the e-business growth in the Ajman Free Zone and the world over the past two years, and we have developed this sector in our Free Zone to keep pace with this growth, especially those business targeting the Middle East markets, where online shopping is growing at an accelerated pace."

    The e-commerce licenses issued by the Ajman Free Zone last year were distributed on a variety of activities including e-retail companies -categories (B to C) which deal with consumer and electronic companies of the category (B to B), which are the companies that do business with other companies coming from Europe, Africa, independent Commonwealth States and India.

    Al Hashemi said: "the e-commerce is developed in the Ajman Free Zone thanks to the rapid growth of the public Internet users in the Middle East region with a population of 246 million people. We believe that 60 per cent of them use the Internet. As the Ajman Free Zone is a fertile ground for the growth of e-commerce and shopping, it will continue to support them in order to increase their profits by providing a favorable working environment for the growth of their companies and their profits".