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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Special Advantages Granted to New Investors in the Free Zone

    The Ajman Free Zone offers tremendous opportunities and benefits to investors, allowing 100% foreign ownership free of all types of taxes, issues commercial licenses within 24 hours, and investors can work from their offices 24 hours a day without any complications or security measures

  • What are the Types of Companies that are Entitled to be Part of the Free Zone

    All kinds of legitimate business operations are permitted in the Ajman Free Zone, the concern here is not the size of business, but the type of business activity to be established, business activities that are allowed include small and medium industries, business services sectors and all businesses are subject to the approval of the Ajman Free Zone

  • Does the Free Zone Offer Any Kind of Financial Support

    The free zone does not offer any kind of financial support to investors however, investors and companies in the Ajman Free Zone are free to knock the door of other companies and financial institutions across the country concerning loans and financing projects

  • Is a Local Partner Required to Invest in the Free Zone

    Having a local partner or a sponsor who is a UAE citizen is not a requirement, according to current policies and conditions, the investor is considered the exclusive owner of 100% of the business including freedom of residency on personal guaranty

  • What is the Minimum Capital Required to Start Working in the Business Sector in the Free Zone, And is it Required for a Local or a Foreign Company’s Branch

    There is no minimum capital required if the investor wants to set up a branch for his/her company or institution whether local or foreign. As for companies or new institutions that fall under the classification (F.Z.C-F.Z.C) or (F.Z.C-F.Z.E) minimum capital required is 50,000 US Dollars or 185,000 AED  

  • Are Free Zone Properties Awarded to Investors on the Basis of Purchase or Lease

    All free zone properties are leased to investors on an annual basis that can be renewed yearly

  • Am I Authorized to Work and Establish Companies in Other Emirates Using the Ajman Free Zone License

    Licenses issued by the free zone are valid for commercial operations inside the Ajman Free Zone and cannot be used to establish businesses in other Emirates, however, you can use it to sell goods to other Emirates through distributers

  • Do I Need to Rent an Office to Get a License

    Yes, to get a license you need to rent an office

  • What is the Difference Between a Free Zone Establishment (F.Z.E) and a Free Zone Company (F.Z.C)

    A Free Zone Establishment (F.Z.E) has a sole owner while a Free Zone Company (F.Z.C) has multiple owners

  • What are the Documents I Receive Along with the License

    Documents that you automatically receive when applying include the license, the certificate of commercial and industrial chambers, and the lease. As for documents you should apply for, they include the establishment contract, and the partners shares’ certificate